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Proxy command options and setting file notations - yum/rpm/curl/wget/git/gem/pip/npm -

日本語 | English If proxy is barproxy:1234. yum $ vim /etc/yum.conf proxy=http://barproxy:1234 # add rpm $ rpm --httpproxy barproxy --httpport 1234 http://aaa.com curl # --- command -------- $ curl http://aaa.com --proxy barproxy:1234 $ cu…

Switch gist file list to tabs by a chrome extension [gistab]

日本語 | English I often use Gist instead of Evernote and iOS notes. Besides that, gist has really smart syntax-highlight function and it helps programmers to read code easier. But, there is a thing that I don't like. when I put a few file…